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Making a Reservation

Where are you located?

Tours depart from and return to our Flight Base of Operations at Auburn Municipal Airport.  Our address is 400 23rd Street NE, Auburn, WA 98002


What days of the week can I schedule a tour?

We fly 7 days a week, except some federal holidays.


What are your hours?

We fly 9 am to 5 pm all year, with extended hours until 7 pm during the summer. 


Can I fly any other times of day?

If you are interested in a flight outside our posted office hours, we may be able to accommodate you, at the discretion of our pilots.  Please call our office at (206) 767-0515 between 9 am and 5 pm Pacific time daily to see what we may arrange.

Will my tour be private or will there be other passengers?

Our standard tour fares do not include or guarantee a private tour experience. This is because it is costly and inefficient for us to fly with empty or non-revenue generating seats. Unlike larger airline type aircraft we have fewer seats and to keep cost to our customers down we need to operate as efficiently as possible. 

What is a "Standby Reservation"?

Because our standard tours are commingled flights, meaning we need to fill all the passenger seats in the aircraft in order to fly, we use Stand By reservations to reserve your seats. Once another party is located to fill the available seats on your flight and deposits have been received, your reservation will be changed from “Stand By” to “Standard” meaning your tour experience reservation is completely booked.

Can I upgrade to a Private Tour Experience?

Of Course! We are happy to accommodate our customers in any way we can. The process for upgrading to a Private Tour Experience is simple, just advise our administrative staff that you would like to upgrade to the Private Tour Experience. They will notate the reservation and charge you for the additional fare(s) to ensure you have the entire aircraft to yourself. Since the empty seats have already been paid for, you can always decide to take more passengers with you providing weight limitations allow.


Can I take a custom tour?

If you are looking for a flight to somewhere outside of our regular tour routes, email us using the email form below, or call our office at (206) 767-0515 between 9 am and 5 pm daily to arrange a special flight.


Can I make changes to my reservation?

You can make changes to your reservation up to 24 hours before your flight.  You may make changes to your reservation using the email field below, or by phone at (206) 767-0515 between 9 am and 5 pm Pacific time daily.  Please provide the first and last name on the reservation and the date of the flight to be changed.

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